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Pizza 1 2 3

Learn the basics of pizza making at home.  Students will get into groups and make dough and sauce from scratch,  ultimately giving you the tips to make amazing pizza at home. We will go over using several types of pizza ovens in this course including wood fired, grills, and standard home ovens.  

Breads of the World

This 8-week course will allow you to tour the world through bread baking.  Master the fundamental science, ingredients and techniques of traditional artisanal breads from all over the world.  

Class includes recipes for 8 different breads and samples to take home.

Bakery Items

In this class, you will learn to craft several different bakery items including muffins, scones, croissants, biscuits and breakfast pastries.  You'll leave the class with recipes to take home, samples of all your baked goods and the knowledge to perfect them at home.

This class is conducted in 4 parts.  Please check the calendar for the schedule.

Cooking Ideas for Families & Kids

Dinnertime can be challenging when you have picky eaters.  This class will teach families hands-on techniques for parents and kids alike to enjoy meal prep and provide useful tools to that will   teach all eaters to love food.

Italian Pastry Class

NEBA's Italian pastry cooking class is dedicated to all international dessert lovers! Your class will go through traditional Italian baking, cremes, traditional and basic ingredients, colorful cakes and desserts.

Our Italian pastry experts, will provide you with all the information needed to master the art of Italian Pastry at home. We will focus on preparation of 3 desserts like Tuscan Zuccotto, Cantuccini di Prato, Zuppa Inglese, Italian Apple Cake, Tiramisu,  Pasta Frolla, Pan di Spagna, Cantuccini, Torta Caprese, Torta di Mele,  Torta della Nonna, Meringa, Babà, Pastiera, Foresta Nera, Cassata and Cannoli.  

Pizza for the Professional

This 5-day intensive professional course will teach all styles of pizza from all over the world with a focus on Brick Oven Neapolitan Pizza. Learn to make authentic dough using specific imported ingredients and learn the specifics on international mixers and ovens to enhance your product. You will be taught proper hand skills and technique to master your product and discover the history behind the pizza making art all over the world.  

All candidates for this course must first be interviewed by telephone.   


Front of the House Training

"Front of the House” refers to all locations within a restaurant that allows customers. The dining room and bar, are included here. Training in customer service, staff development, designing the dining room and bar, and planning  restaurant promotions are all key components "Front of the House" operations. Understanding how it operates is important to the overall success of any restaurant.  Learn from industry leaders about exceptional service to the client and the benefits in sales it brings.

POS Systems 101

Before you make a decision on  purchasing anything, it is imperative for business owners and operators to learn and research as much as you can regarding the Point of Sale product in question. If you've asked yourself, "What features & functions would I need from a POS System for my  business?" This class will explain the   basics of a POS System. Learn which factors makes a point of sale system most valuable and how the POS system should help you alleviate the daily chores of your business.

ABC's of the Restaurant Industry

This class is a breakdown of the basic foundations of making it in the restaurant industry. From bookkeeping, consistently assessing your food costs, and maintaining profit margins, this class will teach you the important details and nuances of understanding your business and generating consistent revenue for the business. We will also touch on restaurant marketing, service, and social media as it pertains to the industry. This class will be taught some of the most successful chefs and managers in the industry.

Guided Ops from Seed to Table

Finance and accounting aren’t the most exciting subject to talk about, but they  matter a tremendous amount when running a business-- especially in the food industry. In order for an organization to be successful, it’s imperative that they understand how to stay organized, minimize costs, and steer clear of financial issues. Learn tips and tricks of the trade to understand your food cost, labor cost, utilities, etc. and expand your bottom line.

Food Pairings: Sweet & Savory

Pairing good food & good spirit is no small task. What happens when you're not sure what food to pair with what beer?  How about wine? The aim of this class will be to find what pairings appeal most to you. Classes will be conducted by a Wine Sommelier and Beer Cicerones who will help you pair your pizza, pasta, breads and desserts with the best in wines and libations. Classes are conducted mid-week and run approximately 2 hours.  

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